We will be part of 3 Days of Design

We will be part of 3 Days of Design

We are pleased to announce that we will be part of 3 Days of Design. We are inviting you to visit us at the largest design hub, DDcated, located in District Blox. Join us for 3 days of design on June 7th - June 9th at:
Frederiksholms Kanal 29
1220 Copenhagen


Come and meet Nanna Aakjær, Founder of Intarsia Furniture and granddaughter of Jørgen Aakjær Jørgensen. Nanna will talk about the journey she has been on, from the first thoughts of resuming the production of some of her grandfather's tables until today. She will also talk about the experiences of being a female entrepreneur and not least about the awe when she presented her own design, with great inspiration in her grandfather's design DNA.

During 3DaysofDesign, Intarsia Furniture also unveils two upcoming novelties.
One of them is a classic design by Jørgen Aakjær Jørgensen from the 1950s, also with the intarsia technique. The other is an addition to one of his classic designs, which meet the way we live and use our furniture today.

More information, please contact Nanna Aakjær: nanna@intarsiafurniture.com


Jørgen Aakjær JørgensenFounder of Møbelintarsia in 1948

Jørgen Aakjær Jørgensen (1920 - 2008) was an old school carpenter and furniture designer.

Jørgen Aakjær Jørgensen's design DNA is seen in the many small details, the applied marquetry technique, which was combined with the Danish design tradition, where simplicity and functionality dominated. Today, the furniture is produced by his granddaughter Nanna Aakjær Svendsen.


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