Drops Table og Arcus Console - Tidløs elegance og funktionel skønhed

Drops Table and Arcus Console - Timeless Elegance and Functional Beauty

Arcus Console Shelf som natbord, buede hylde med profilkanter


Intarsia Furniture is once again reviving the heritage of the Danish furniture golden age with two new additions to their collection - Drops Table, a reissue of Jørgen Aakjær Jørgensen's design, and Arcus Console Shelf, designed by his granddaughter and co-founder of the furniture company.

Drops Table - A Tribute to History and Craftsmanship

Intarsia Furniture is proud to introduce Drops Table, a reissue of Jørgen Aakjær Jørgensen's 1960s design. This elegant and characterful piece shares aesthetics and craftsmanship traditions with the iconic Heart Table from the same era. Drops Table employs the ancient intarsia technique, where wood veneer is inlaid into the surface of the furniture, creating a unique wooden masterpiece. Three drop-shaped inlays give the furniture its distinctive name and make it versatile as both a side table and a coffee table.


Drops Table designet af Jørgen Aakjær Jørgensen fra Intarsia Furniture med Intarsia teknik og hylde


Drops Table is available in white-oiled oak, smoked stained oak, and natural oil.
Suggested retail price: 914 EURO.

Arcus Console Shelf - Fusion of Form and Function

Designed by Nanna Aakjær Svendsen, Arcus Console Shelf is a new addition to the popular Arcus Shelf series. Inspired by classic design elements and craftsmanship techniques, this piece creates a perfect fusion of aesthetics and functionality. Arcus Console serves as both a console and bedside table, offering a timeless expression with organic shapes and distinctive profiles.

Arcus Console som entremøbel - buede svævehylde med profilkanter fra Intarsia Furniture

Arcus Console is available in white-oiled oak, smoked stained oak, and natural oil.
Suggested retail price: 345 EURO.


Reviving Classic Craftsmanship

In 1948, Jørgen Aakjær Jørgensen founded Møbelintarsia. Today, his granddaughter Nanna Aakjær has reestablished the company, with a vision to revive the furniture legacy from her grandfather and the old craftsmanship traditions. Designer and cabinetmaker, Jørgen Aakjær Jørgensen, was known for his focus on craftsmanship and the use of the intarsia technique. Today, Intarsia Furniture combines the elegance of the past with contemporary trends and traditions.


Arcus Console Shelf anvendes her som natbord - Buede svævehylde med høje kanter

Both models, Drops Table and Arcus Console Shelf, are available for pre-order.

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