Production and Quality

A great honor to carry on the legacy

It is crucial that the quality, production and materials are of the highest quality, as it has always been the cornerstone and success behind Møbelintarsia.

From the beginning, it has been essential to find the right partner to relaunch the furniture in a timeless expression. It was important that partners knew and understood the personal story and the passion, which started the re-birth of Møbelintarsia, and of course it had to be skilled, innovative and neat craftsmen.

Intarsia Furniture is in close collaboration with the Danish furniture manufacturer, Aage Østergaard in Roslev, which today is run by the 2nd generation, with more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture of furniture. This collaboration allows us to create timeless furniture classics, with mutual respect and great values regarding crafts and material.

For us, it is important that we share the same values and dedication to the highest standards. By working closely together, we ensure the right choice of materials for the individual products, exactly as Jørgen Aakjær Jørgensen did.

“My grandfather was a perfectionist, not only in his designs, but also regarding the craft and materials. It is my duty to be just as perfectionist as he was.”

– Nanna Aakjær Svendsen, Granddaughter and founder of Intarsia Furniture

Old school manufacturing

It has been a challenging task to find carpenters who master the old craft technique, intarsia, so finely and neatly a technique that only very few master today. The carpenters were found and the furniture is handcrafted by hand at a small local carpentry workshop in Eastern Europe, where these ancient craft traditions are still maintained.

When the furniture arrives in Denmark, it is our skilled carpenters in Roslev who take over and carry out the final finish. They inspect, oil, polish and brand each table before it is carefully packed and shipped.

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"That's why we do what Jørgen Aakjær Jørgensen did 70 years ago. Veneer furniture is beautiful with respect for nature and, not least, it is craftsmanship from the moment the tree is planted until the furniture is finished."

– Nanna Aakjær Svendsen, Granddaughter and founder of Intarsia Furniture

Crafts from start to finish

We and our partners have great respect for the ressources of this earth in a sustainable sense. That is why we take pride in using and utilizing all wood. Combined with the fact that most of the manufacturing is done by hand, means that each carpenter’s hand and nature’s wood have left their little mark on each piece of furniture. This gives each piece of furniture its own destinctive detail. We see it as incomparable beauty and call it extraordinary craftsmanship with great respect for nature.

Veneer – Natural aesthetics

The use of veneer is very dependent on the current trend. 70 years ago (almost) all coffee tables, dining tables and side tables were designed in veneer. In recent decades, there has been a long tradition of making solid wood furniture.

Most often, it is highlighted that it is cheaper to use veneer, and there have been similarities between veneer and cheap furniture. However, it is a truth with modifications, as it is the quality and processing of the veneer that is crucial.

If you are quality conscious, there are many benefits of veneer. In contrast to solid furniture, which consists of different wooden rods combined into one, you get a very beautiful, natural and uniform structure in the furniture, due to the wide veneer where the vein drawings can be followed.

We cherish nature

Many forest owners make an effort to breed and grow great quality wood species, which are particularly suitable for producing veneer. In order for the trees to be categorized as first class, they work with the trees every single year by quickly removing small side branches. In this way, the trees are bred and cultivated with a high passion to reduce waste. Another essential advantage of veneer is that you reduce the amount of wood, as the core of the table tops consists of MDF boards, made from residue and waste wood.

“When small “eyes” appear in our furniture, we consider it to be quality and beautiful work“.

– Nanna Aakjær Svendsen, granddaughter and founder of Intarsia Furniture

Wood is our great passion, and the decision to recreate Jørgen Aakjær Jørgensen’s furniture in classic Scandinavian oak was not difficult. In addition to being an incredibly beautiful tree, oak is also strong and has many options. Over time, it is our hope to relaunch the furniture in several different types of wood and thus be able to offer a lot of options.