Et nyt familiemedlem til sofabord No.55

A new family member for coffee table No.55


Intarsia Furniture, founded in 2019 by the granddaughter of the once unknown furniture craftsman Jørgen Aakjær Jørgensen (1920 - 2008), welcomes the sister model to No.55, combining the classic with modern lifestyle.

Jørgen Aakjær Jørgensen was a visionary modernist, and his furniture designs were ahead of their time. In 1948, he established the company Møbelintarsia, from which many of his furniture classics were exported to various parts of Europe, as well as the USA, Canada, and the Emirates. Today, 75 years later, his granddaughter, Nanna Aakjær Svendsen, has reestablished the company, and the classic designs are once again found in Danish furniture stores.



The Sister Table to No.55

The sister table to No.55 is a smaller version of the well-known model introduced in the 1950s and redesigned in 2019. Over the years, Jørgen Aakjær Jørgensen designed various nesting tables, but No.55 has always stood as a standalone piece, until today when the granddaughter presents the table in a smaller version.

The sister table combines Jørgen Aakjær Jørgensen's classic design with the way we live and use our furniture today. The fusion of the two tables opens up countless possibilities for home decor. With their unique interplay, the two coffee tables are both an elegant, minimalist, and modern piece of furniture, telling the story of the evolution of design and the pursuit of being both timeless and functional.

Sofa table No.55 holds special significance for Nanna Aakjær, as this table marked the beginning of re-establishing the family's forgotten furniture heritage.

"Sofa table No.55 is the reason I made the decision to put my grandfather's furniture classics back into production. I received the coffee table from my grandfather, where it has long stood beautifully in our living room. The coffee table has always been a significant topic of conversation, and from there, I knew that my grandfather's furniture designs were truly special and deserved a new renaissance."

– Nanna Aakjær Svendsen, founder of Intarsia Furniture.


Sofabord No.55 Small egetræ


Passion for Wood and Old Craftsmanship Traditions

The heart beats for wood and the old craftsmanship traditions at Intarsia Furniture.

The vision of Intarsia Furniture is to produce stylish, quality furniture that not only lives but thrives through generations. Nanna Aakjær Svendsen is passionate about carrying forward the proud carpentry heritage from the Danish furniture golden age. She aims to blend this heritage with contemporary trends and traditions to create furniture that pays homage to both the past and the future. The new sister table to No.55 is a successful example of this vision.

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