Møbeldesign med fokus på æstetik fra hjertet, gedigent håndværk og kvalitet i høj klasse

Furniture design with a focus on aesthetics from the heart, solid craftsmanship, and high-class quality.

Møbelintarsia was founded in 1948 by the cabinetmaker and furniture designer Jørgen Aakjær Jørgensen and his wife Lis Aakjær Jørgensen. Together, they built Møbelintarsia, as it was known at that time, into a rapidly growing family business. The majority of the classic furniture from Møbelintarsia's era was designed by Jørgen Aakjær himself. At that time, the furniture was sold to large parts of the world and continues to be sold both domestically and internationally at high auction prices.

No one knew at that time that the couple's granddaughter, Nanna Aakjær Svendsen, would recreate her grandfather's beautiful furniture designs under the new name Intarsia Furniture. Nanna has dedicated her life to acquiring and, from there, recreating and reproducing the exquisite furniture with the same unique craftsmanship as her grandfather. With the new name Intarsia Furniture, Nanna Aakjær Svendsen aims to carry on the legacy of the Danish Golden Age - elegantly bringing it into contemporary design that aligns with the trends we see today.


Surf Table - Coffee table in oak from Intarsia Furniture


"At there haven't been any drawings of the furniture has meant a significant and demanding effort to relaunch the furniture, as I have had to immerse myself in my grandfather's universe and try to think like him," states Nanna Aakjær Svendsen.

Intarsia Furniture is re-launching and producing some of the most popular and iconic furniture from the time of Møbelintarsia. "We are a group of proud children and grandchildren, all of whom believe it's time to re-establish the furniture so that more Danes can enjoy these classic pieces. So, I have strong support from the rest of the family," says Nanna Aakjær Svendsen.


intarsia technic - Sidetable or coffeetable


Intarsia is the term for a craftsmanship technique created as a mosaic, typically made from small pieces of differently colored wood inlaid into a surface, forming patterns on furniture - as seen on the side table 'Heart Table' from the collection.

The collection currently consists of five different pieces of furniture, but Jørgen Aakjær's life's work extends far beyond this. "In fact, we continue to discover new models and designs, which we have significant plans to relaunch in the near future," says Nanna Aakjær Svendsen.

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